by huntgathersemiotics

letters to a young poet

the process of editing is very special to me.
during those moments of making video art, the end result becomes less important than the actual process of making (editing and creating video)
i like the feelings that are involved when i’m making videos, all of the senses are evoked, it is the making of a spiritual experience, like communion.

this video “letter’s to a young poet” is all found footage—-the video itself reflects my process and feeling towards the qualities of impermanence and mystery inherent in this work, but also inherent in life itself.

elements of disruption and displacement (disruption & displacement in the function and order of space and time—aka nonlinear editing), improvisation, and disordered unity are central tenets to this piece.

the process of making, for me, arises out of historical and contemporary influence, and bridging the gap between the lapses or spaces in time

through a feeling you cannot describe clearly